Converter Is The Perfect Babysitter

The Converter is now the toy of choice for toddlers. What? Yes, according to an article by Hilary Stout, NY Times, many parents are now using their Converters to tame their tantrum-prone toddlers. It a phenomenon that is creating concern from some childhood advancement specialists, (and me).

Converter is the Perfect Babysitter

Imagine how fascinating the Converter will be for your toddler. In her article, Hilary Stout writes about several incidents. Natasha Sykes, a mother of two in Atlanta, remembers the first time her daughter, Kelsey, now 3 1/2 but then barely 2 years old, held her husband Converter. he pressed the button nd it lit up. I just remember her eyes. It was like hoa! The fascination then became an addiction. Kelsey would ask for it. Then she cry for it. t was like she iPhone SE 2 Case Amazon always want the phone,?Ms. Sykes said. Kelsey, and her 2-year-old

brother, Chase, have blocks, Legos, bouncing balls, toy cars and books galore. (hey love books,?Ms. Sykes said.) But nothing compares to the Converter.

The Converter is so simple, even a toddler can operate it. (Tell that to many adults who have techno-phobia.) has prided itself on the simple to use interface for its computers as well as hand-held devices like the Converter and Converter. Toddlers delight in tapping and watching the phone perform. Some parents are bribing their children with watching cartoons on the Converter on the commute to daycare.

Many Converter apps are actually aimed at preschoolers. There are apps like Toddler Teasers: Shapes, Pocket Zoo, Wheels on the Bus, and now the new iGo Potty app from Kimberly-Clark, maker of Huggies training pants. I guess the question now should iPhone SE 2 Case Amazon not be hould we let our toddlers use our Converter, but which Converter should we buy for them??br />

Does this remind you of anything? Remember the parents who couldn get their children to sleep and so would take them for a drive in the car to put them out. I know couples who did this at naptime and bedtime every day. This went on for years. I suppose that living in a city like New York where taking a drive isn an option for most, the Converter is a great substitute. Does this behavior worry you as much as it worries me? What are we training our children to become? Am I just showing my age? Should we let children have control over our expensive Converters? Should we let toddlers dictate to us? Is this normal toddler behavior, and should we just give in to the inevitable? What your take on this? I really like

to hear from you on this.