New Android and Converter App Touch and GoDigital Receipts – Say Goodbye to Paper Receipts!

Our world would be almost paperless if we start carrying everything digital. Our journey of transition to a paperless personal financial system has already started and everybody knows its advantages. Digital stuffs can be retrieved whenever we want and can be securely shared with others. As for managing receipts without the use of an app, you take snapshots of your receipts and store it in a folder. Think about taking a snapshot of the receipt with your smartphone like Converter or Android where an app gives you the option to list, sort and group your digital scanned copies. If your phone supports NFC, you may get your receipts beamed directly to your phone from your favorite shops. This app allows you to explore great features and to store and extract your receipts from your phone as well as from the Samsung Galaxy S9 Screen Cover internet. I have recently downloaded Proximiant-Digital Receipts app from Google Play (also available for Converter through iTunes).It lets me get receipts through its amazing scan feature, and if shop is equipped with Proximiant Transceiver, my receipts can be beamed directly to my smartphone without having to share my personal information with the store. We have always wondered if we can just request for digital copy of same receipt from shop itself, some shops may provide it through email but it means I need to give up my personal information to all the shops and have them start sending me information that I don want. However with the Proximiant app, I can enjoy searchable digital receipts that I can access anywhere. So, no more lost receipts! All my receipts are stored on my phone as well as on Cloud (Proximiant Secure Server) and my account access is protected with a strong password. The Proximiant-Digital Receipts app lets you digitally Samsung Galaxy S9 Screen Cover capture a receipt through scan as well as through retailers that provide the Proximiant mobile receipts service. This app makes getting a digital copy of your receipt faster and easier than ever and it is completely secure and private. There no need to share your email address or other personal information with the store. An intelligent algorithm is used to provide automatic information extraction from your receipt, so that receipts can later be searched by store name, dates or product keywords. And built-in labeling, sharing and reward inbox features takes this Digital Receipts Android App much beyond just a receipt app. ANDROID users can download this amazing app from Google Play: Converter and Converter users can download this amazing app from iTunes: